OTR Earthmover tyres by size

Ecomega has been at the forefront of engineering specialized OTR earthmoving tyres in different sizes for many years. Thanks to the expertise of its team, Ecomega has been producing high quality tyres that guarantee exceptional performance and maximum safety at anytime and during all earthmoving operations.

Ecomega OTR earthmoving tyres combine all the best feature available on the market in order to offer you a top product. Our specialized tyres are made to meet your different needs and to guarantee the highest performance of your earthmoving vehicles anytime and anywhere.

Thanks to the highest quality of our materials and dedicated testing, Ecomega OTR earthmoving tyres are suitable for many different vehicles operating worldwide. On top of that, Ecomega tyres guarantee maximum precision and reliability even during the most difficult operations, and while working in the toughest environmental conditions.

No matter the type of your earthmoving vehicle, Ecomega has got you covered in any case. Ecomega’s catalog of OTR earthmoving tyres includes a large variety of specialized that come in different sizes to better suit your needs.


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