Industrial tyres by size

Thanks to many years of dedicated research, Ecomega’s experts have designed a wide range of industrial tyres that are suitable for numerous types of industrial vehicles worldwide.

Ecomega’s catalog of industrial tyres includes a large variety of products that come in different sizes, in order to meet all the different needs you might have. Considering the wide range of vehicles, such as forklifts or loaders, that perform industrial operations, Ecomega’s experts have engineered a specialized set of tyres that would perfectly fit any of such vehicles.One of the key features of Ecomega industrial tyres is their exceptional reliability at any time, even while operating in the toughest environmental conditions and on different types of soils, including muddy or wet surfaces.


Ecomega tyres are specifically designed to handle different types of loads, even the heaviest ones, and to allow your vehicle to operate efficiently and safely at any time. Maximum stability and reliability are guaranteed for all industrial tyres, in different sizes.

Choosing Ecomega industrial tyres means choosing highest quality, exceptional performance and maximum safety at anytime and anywhere

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