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For years, Ecomega has been at the forefront of developing specialized tyres for different industry uses. The company’s expertise lies in the production of high quality tyres that ensure maximum performance and reliability at any time. Ecomega tyres for reachstackers are not an exception to this. Engineered specifically to ensure maximum productivity in all loading and moving operations, these tyres combine all the features to offer you a top product. Whether it’s for reachstackers working in small ports or larger terminals, Ecomega specialized tyres are the best product on the market and guarantee excellent performance and maximum reliability.

Ecomega reachstackers tyres feature a reinforced crown structure that guarantees maximum strength at any time. Massive tread blocks and enhanced protection of sidewalls ensure exceptional productivity, during all of your operations.

Premium tyres for Reachstacker

L4S (L4S) Port Industrial tyres


Wide and flat footprint
Strong and high PR casing
Reinforced sidewalls

CTR HANDLER (E4) Port Industrial tyres


Designed for Port applications
Reinforced casing
Excellent stability

E3-R (E3) Port Industrial tyres

E3 - R

Excellent damage resistance
Reinforced sidewalls
Very good driving-comfort

E3 IND. (E3) Port Industrial tyres


Excellent damage resistance Reinforced sidewalls
Very good driving-comfort

CTR STACKER (E4) Port Industrial tyres


High stability and comfort
Reinforced casing
Excellent traction

When it comes to loading and unloading operations, stability and precision are the key. Thanks to a wider tread pattern, Ecomega reachstackers tyres guarantee high precision, easy drive and good mobility, even while driving on difficult surfaces. Your handling operations in ports and intermodal centres have never been easier, thanks to Ecomega tyres.

Tread blocks of Ecomega tyres for reachstackers are distributed in a way to ensure a progressive placing of tread blocks on the ground and reduce vibrations. The supple casing of Ecomega’s tyres efficiently absorbs all irregularities you may encounter while performing your regular operations.  Ecomega tyres guarantee maximum comfort for the operator, at any time.

Thanks to specialized tests, Ecomega’s experts have also improved the tyre life, in order to reduce the maintenance and repair costs over time. Furthermore, the robust structure of the tyres guarantees excellent protection against all sorts of accidental damages, including cuts and ruptures.

On top of excellent stability during all loading and unloading operations, Ecomega tyres for reachstackers also feature an improved ability to travel for short or even longer distances.

If you are looking for a safe and reliable set of tyres for your reachstacker, then Ecomega’s wide range of products is your top choice. Thanks to their enhanced productivity, safety and reliability, Ecomega tyres guarantee maximum satisfaction

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