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Specialty Tyres: find the best tyres through bias, solid and radial tyres

Over the years, Ecomega has specialized in numerous types of tyres for different uses. Whatever your needs are, you can be sure to have them all covered thanks to Ecomega’s wide range of products. Starting from our specialized tyres for machines operating in construction fields, such as cranes or graders, and finishing with a wide range of tyres for industrial uses, Ecomega really has them all. Our experts will listen to all your needs and will help set you up with the right tyre for your machine. Choosing Ecomega products means choosing innovation, safety and performance just in one tyre.






Created in 1980, Ecomega is recognized worldwide as one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality tyres. Since the beginning, latest technology and innovation have been the core values of Ecomega’s philosophy. Over the years, the company has created a wide range of top-class products in order to satisfy the changing demands of tyre markets worldwide.


Ecomega is specialized in high performance tyres for a broad range of uses, including agricultural, industrial and construction uses. Each tyre that has been produced by the company has its customers in mind. Our experts think about all your needs in advance. Years of deep research in the field, has allowed Ecomega to understand everything you want from a tyre, starting from its design and finishing with its highest performance. We know all the challenges and risks that may appear along the road and we try to prevent them. With Ecomega’s tyres, you know you are in safe and reliable hands.


Ecomega’s experts know what is best for you. Our team is a group of hardworking and creative specialists, dedicated to implementation of great ideas into reality. Thanks to their expertise, Ecomega offers the best products that will meet all your specific needs. At Ecomega, we invest in technology and innovation. Our factory is equipped with modern laboratories and the most advanced technological tools, in order to guarantee the highest quality of our tyres. Each Ecomega tyre has a unique history. Our designers create numerous designs and simulations to choose the best tyre for each use. Thanks to our material expertise, Ecomega only chooses the best materials that will constitute your tyre. Our experts thoroughly test all of our tyres, prior to delivering a brand new tyre to our customers worldwide.



Since the beginning, the expertise of our specialists and the use of the modern technologies have allowed Ecomega to develop high-quality tyres for multiple uses. Our efforts do not end there. At Ecomega we are strongly dedicated to continuous improvement of our products. Our goal is to satisfy all of our customers with the top-quality long-lasting tyres. At Ecomega, we know that quality, safety and performance are very important to you. For this reason, our experts will take care of everything you need. With our high-quality tyres you will not have to worry about choosing a product that will not last over time. Guaranteed by Ecomega.

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