30.5L - 32 | Construction Tyres Size

Tyres available for this size

FORESTRY (LS-2) Construction tyres


Suitable for forestry machines
High durability and traction
Reinforced casing

One of the leaders on the international tyre market, Ecomega has developed a large set of tyres that meet different construction needs worldwide. Ecomega offers 30.5L-32 construction types for different types of construction vehicles that operate in different working environments.

Thanks to numerous years of research, Ecomega’s experts have engineered a wide range of tyres that feature a variety of tread patterns, to better suit your different needs. Ecomega construction tyres guarantee exceptional performance and maximum safety at anytime and anywhere.

Taking into consideration numerous possible applications of construction types and the variety of environmental conditions, such as different types of surfaces or weather conditions, Ecomega 30.5L-32 tyres for construction vehicles guarantee maximum reliability at any job site and for a long time.

Ecomega 30.5L-32 construction types offer highest quality available on the market, low maintenance and repair costs and maximum safety for the operator at anytime.

If you are interested in Ecomega 30.5L-32 construction types and would like to receive more detailed information, please contact our team of experts directly.

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