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Telehandlers tyres

Over the last years, telehandlers have been largely used in different fields, including agriculture and industry. Considering their popularity and wide usage around the world, Ecomega’s experts have designed a new set of tyres for these high-reach machines. Ecomega tyres for telehandlers provide maximum stability and exceptional productivity in all types of operations and at any time, even in the toughest environmental conditions.


Telehandlers are capable of moving loads to and from places that are generally not easily reachable for common types of forklifts or backhoe loaders. For this reason, these machines require maximum stability at any time and on any surface. Thanks to the latest technologies available and to many years of research, Ecomega tyres for telehandlers guarantee exceptional performance all the time.

Premium tyres for Telehandlers

MPT R1 Construction tyres


Good protection
Excellent traction
Very long working-life

MPT 4L Construction tyres


Self-cleaning tread pattern
Excellent stability
Great comfort on long hauls

LUG R4 (L2) Construction tyres


High traction on road and OTR
Excellent stability
High puncture resistance

Ecomega tyres for telehandlers are specifically designed for working on different types of surfaces, including wet, dry or greasy surfaces. Thanks to the new tread design, maximum adherence to the ground is guaranteed at any time.

Enhanced sidewall protection guarantees improved damage resistance against all sorts of ruptures or cuts, that may occur during operations. On top of that, the new tread and shoulder blocks ensure longer tyre life and lower maintenance and repair costs.

In order to ensure highest precision of all loading and unloading operations, Ecomega tyres for telehandlers feature freshly improved design and high quality compounds that will contribute to excellent performance at any time.

Maximum comfort for the operator is guaranteed all the time, even during the most difficult working conditions. Thanks to the increased rigidity of Ecomega tyres for telehandlers, all sorts of vibrations and noises are significantly reduced at any time.

Along with exceptional stability and maximum comfort for the operator, Ecomega tyres for telehandlers guarantee highest safety at any time. Thanks to Ecomega’s expertise, you can be sure to be in safe and reliable hands during all operations.

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