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For years, Ecomega has worked on the development of specialized tyres for a large variety of vehicles. Along with road vehicles used in industrial, construction and agricultural operations are some non road vehicles, such as straddle carriers, used in port terminals and intermodal yards for moving different types of containers. In order to guarantee the highest performance and efficiency of such vehicles at any time, Ecomega’s experts have engineered a new set of tyres for straddle careers that guarantee maximum reliability and safety at any time and in different working conditions. Thanks to many years of research, this new set of specialized tyres features everything you ever wanted to see in a tyre: performance, efficiency and safety.

Premium tyres for Straddle carriers

M4PU (E4) Port Industrial tyres


Exceptional durability Excellent resistance to wear Low rolling resistance

Straddle carriers can pick up and carry containers of different sizes and weights. For this reason, Ecomega’s experts have engineered tyres that feature an enhanced and longer tread life. Even while lifting the heaviest containers and working under the most difficult conditions, Ecomega tyres for straddle carriers are highly durable and reliable.

The new tread design of Ecomega tyres for straddle carriers guarantees maximum adhesion to the ground and improved traction, even while operating on the most difficult surfaces. Robust crown and stronger sidewalls ensure exceptional stability during all loading and unloading operations.

On top of that, Ecomega tyres for straddle carriers feature higher resistance to different types of impacts, such as cuts or ruptures, that may occur at any time. Their exceptional safety and reliability guarantee lower maintenance and repair costs in the long term.

The top quality of their compounds, together with their exceptional features, make Ecomega tyres for straddle carriers the most reliable choice on the market. No matter the weight and the quantity of containers you move daily, these tyres will always guarantee maximum comfort and performance.

Choosing Ecomega tyres for straddle carriers means choosing highest quality, exceptional performance and maximum reliability, at any time and anywhere.

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