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After years of dedicated research, Ecomega has engineered a specialized set of tyres for side loaders, including those operating in the most difficult conditions. Thanks to their exceptional reliability and durability, as well as maximum safety, Ecomega tyres for side loaders will allow you to perform your loading and unloading operations in the best way possible. While working on the new design of these specialized tyres, Ecomega’s experts took into consideration the variety of working conditions, including different types of surfaces, in order to offer you the best product that would meet all of your needs.

Ecomega tyres for side loaders feature an exceptional performance at any time. The aggressive tread pattern guarantees maximum grip, excellent traction and highest stability, even while operating on the most difficult surfaces.

Premium tyres for Side loaders

E3 (E3) Port Industrial tyres


Excellent damage resistance Reinforced sidewalls
Very good driving-comfort

Ecomega’s experts have dedicated years of research to develop a specialized set of tyres for side loaders that would also ensure maximum durability. Thanks to the long-lasting tread and highly protected sidewalls, Ecomega tyres for side loaders are reliable at any time, even during the most harsh conditions.

The ultra resistant materials used for these specialized set of tyres guarantee maximum protection against all sorts of accidental damages, such as ruptures and cuts, at any time. Enhanced resistance to impacts translates into maximum productivity and less time dedicated to repair.

Stable and comfortable ride is guaranteed at any time. The improved design of Ecomega’s tyres for side loaders guarantees an efficient absorption of all sorts of vibrations, for maximum comfort for the operator. The even-wearing tread pattern ensures low operating costs. Ecomega tyres for side loaders are easy to repair and maintain.

If you are looking for a high quality set of tyres for your side loader, then Ecomega tyres are your best and safest choice. Thanks to Ecomega’s expertise, maximum reliability and safety is guaranteed at any time and during all types of loading and unloading operations.

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