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Rigid dump trucks tyres

Designed to meet many different mining and construction needs, rigid dump trucks are reliable and highly productive off-road vehicles. For this reason, in order to ensure the highest efficiency of these machines, Ecomega’s experts have worked for years to develop a specialized set of tyres for rigid dump trucks. Thanks to many years of research and testing, Ecomega tyres are the perfect solution for different types of rigid dump trucks, including the ones operating in most difficult mining operations. With Ecomega tyres for rigid dump trucks, reliability, durability and safety are guaranteed at any time.

Ecomega tyres for rigid dump trucks are engineered to guarantee exceptional performance at any time and even under the most severe working conditions. Thanks to a deeper tread pattern and larger tread blocks, Ecomega tyres feature a longer tyre life. New optimized structure of Ecomega tyres also includes  enhanced self cleaning and cooling capabilities. Your tyres have never lasted this long.

Premium tyres for Rigid dump truck

M4AT (E4) OTR Earthmover tyres


Idea for articulated Dumpers
High driving comfort Optimal traction everywhere

M4DR (E4) OTR Earthmover tyres


Deep tread depth Optimized central pattern design Very resistant to cuts and snags

M4DT (E4) OTR Earthmover tyres


For rigid dumper applications
Strong sidewalls
Optimal traction everywhere

M4DT2 (E4) OTR Earthmover tyres


Extremely strong casing High traction on all surfaces Heat & damages resistant

M4DV (E4) OTR Earthmover tyres


Idea for articulated Dumpers
High driving comfort
Optimal traction everywhere

Thanks to the latest technology developments, Ecomega tyres for rigid dump trucks include an improved sidewall design that guarantees a better resistance to any sort of damages and cuts along the sidewall area.

Ecomega tyres for rigid dump trucks feature a superior resistance to impacts, damages and ruptures, at any time and even in the most difficult working conditions.

Excellent traction and flotation, along with the improved stability guarantee an exceptional performance of your Ecomega tyres at any time. On top of that, thanks to their long-lasting tread pattern, Ecomega tyres are highly durable and easy to repair in case of accidental damages over time.

Excellent adhesion, even while working in severe conditions, guarantees maximum comfort for the operator, at any time. Thanks to the innovative tread design, which distributes ground pressure evenly across the contact patch, Ecomega tyres for rigid dump trucks absorb any type of vibrations more efficiently and minimize the discomfort for the operator.

Thanks to their exceptional characteristics and functionalities, Ecomega tyres for rigid dump trucks are your best choice on the market that will guarantee maximum safety, productivity and durability, over time.

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