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Considering the different working conditions in material hubs and all type of everyday operational challenges, Ecomega’s experts have developed a special line of tyres for material handlers. Material handlers constantly transport all sorts of goods, day after day, in harbours and material hubs. Considering the continuous and almost non-stop working operations, Ecomega tyres for material handlers combine exceptional wear resistance and cost effectiveness, in order to deliver the best product for material handling operations on the market.

One of the main features of Ecomega tyres for material handlers is their exceptional stability, offered throughout the entire handling process. Improved tread design guarantees maximum stability and maximum adhesion to different types of surfaces.

Premium tyres for Material handlers

STANDARD ST Industrial tyres


High level of elasticity
Special softer compound For low intensity use

PM Industrial tyres


Maximum comfort
Reduced rolling resistance Ideal for severe use

HT Industrial tyres


Large and stable footprint Optimal on abrasive grounds
Special compound

E4 IND. (E4) Port Industrial tyres


Deep thread dept
Outstanding wear resistance
Very strong casing

CTR STACKER (E4) Port Industrial tyres


High stability and comfort
Reinforced casing
Excellent traction

CTR HANDLER (E4) Port Industrial tyres


Designed for Port applications
Reinforced casing
Excellent stability

KARGO (E4) Port Industrial tyres


Specially designed for severe applications
Very resistant casing
Comfortable and smooth ride

As a result, Ecomega tyres for material handlers feature an excellent load-bearing capacity. Thanks to their high resistant features, these tyres are optimised for handling a large variety of goods in your daily operations. Ecomega tyres for material handlers are also suitable for the heaviest loads.

Ecomega tyres for material handlers guarantee maximum resistance to any sort of accidental damage, including ruptures and cuts. Reinforced sidewalls and internal protection will guarantee maximum safety during loading and unloading operations. Furthermore, excellent mobility and high driving precision are also guaranteed at any time and on different types of surfaces, even the most difficult ones. All possible surface irregularities are absorbed thanks to the special treads design. As a result, maximum comfort is guaranteed to the operator, at any time.

Ecomega tyres for material handlers add a distinctive precision, both for loading and unloading operations and whilst driving, which is absolutely necessary for all material handling operations. These special tyres will keep the machine from swinging and ensure a reliable driving at any time and in different weather conditions. Maximum agility is guaranteed at any time.

Thanks to many years of experience in the field, Ecomega has created a top-class product for all material handling operations in different types of hubs. The specialised tyres for material handlers feature maximum wear resistance over time, extreme durability, load-bearing capacity, and exceptional precision during loading and unloading operations. Ecomega tyres offer excellent hours of operations, as well as maximum security and comfort for the operator.

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