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While working on the development of highest quality range of tyres, Ecomega took into consideration all possible industries and uses, including the forestry industry and wood handling operations. As a result, Ecomega’s experts have also engineered a special range of tyres for log stackers, in order to bring your wood handling experience to the next level. Ecomega log stacker tyres are a guarantee of the best performance, safety and precision available for your forestry industry.

Ecomega log stacker tyres are specifically designed to ensure exceptional performance during your wood handling operations. Engineered for short distance operations, these specialised tyres feature an improved tyres life, even when operating on difficult surfaces.

Thanks to improved crown design and characteristics, Ecomega log stacker tyres offer exceptional tread wear potential and guarantee a longer tyre life and performance over time. Excellent mobility is also provided thanks to the new tread design of Ecomega tyres.

Premium tyres for Log stackers

L4S (L4S) Port Industrial tyres


Wide and flat footprint
Strong and high PR casing
Reinforced sidewalls

CTR HANDLER (E4) Port Industrial tyres


Designed for Port applications
Reinforced casing
Excellent stability

E3 IND. (E3) Port Industrial tyres


Excellent damage resistance Reinforced sidewalls
Very good driving-comfort

M4DZ (E4/L4) OTR Earthmover tyres


Outstanding 3*** casing High stability at high load Excellent traction

CTR STACKER (E4) Port Industrial tyres


High stability and comfort
Reinforced casing
Excellent traction

Ecomega log stacker tyres also feature new substantial sidewalls reinforced by internal protections. As a result, highest resistance to cuts, ruptures and any other type of accidental damage is guaranteed.

Thanks to many years of research, Ecomega has created a wide range of products that ensure maximum safety for log stackers and the operator. High thickness of the tyres still allows the ability to travel short distances and at limited speeds.

Considering the necessities of wood handling operations, Ecomega log stacker tyres offer excellent stability to the machine during all loading and unloading operations. Rigid and wide treads are specifically built to guarantee stability and adhesion to the ground. Thanks to their special design, all surface irregularities you may encounter during your work operations, will be efficiently absorbed.

Ecomega log stacker tyres guarantee high driving precision during loading and unloading operations, as well as maximum comfort for the operator. Furthermore, all transported goods are efficiently protected and secured throughout the entire process.

Wood handling operations have never been more efficient and secure. Thanks to Ecomega tyres, log stacker operators will experience high-level efficiency and comfort, on any type of surfaces and at any time.

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