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Ecomega is one of the leading tyre companies offering high quality specialized tyres for a large variety of vehicles. Its experts have dedicated years of research to engineer specialized tyres for wheel loaders that will guarantee maximum performance at anytime and anywhere. Considering the variety and specifics of loading operations, Ecomega’s experts have designed a set of tyres that would ensure highest reliability, even while working under the most challenging conditions. Whatever you specific needs might be, Ecomega tyres for wheel loaders have got you covered in any case and for a long time.

Premium tyres for wheel loaders

M5DL (L5) OTR Earthmover tyres


Reinforced sidewall
Special compound
Designed for underground use

M5DT (L5) OTR Earthmover tyres


Outstanding traction
Self-cleanning tread pattern Ideal heavy duty loader

M3HA (E3) OTR Earthmover tyres


Ideal for Loader applications Low vibrations pattern Excellent traction on all grounds

L5-S SMOOTH (L5S) OTR Earthmover tyres


Special anti-abrasive compound Ideal for hard-intensive Excellent productivity

ROCK5 (L5) OTR Earthmover tyres


Flat and wide pattern Ideal for heavy-duty applications Excellent traction

M5UM (L5S) OTR Earthmover tyres


Ideal for tough applications Special compound
High resistance to damages

L5 (L5) OTR Earthmover tyres


Ideal for severe application Very strong Bias casing High protection from damages

M4DL (L4) OTR Earthmover tyres


High stability
Optimal fatigue resistance Excellent protection

M4AT (E4) OTR Earthmover tyres


Idea for articulated Dumpers
High driving comfort Optimal traction everywhere

M5DLX (L5) OTR Earthmover tyres


Strong 2** casing
Excellent productivity
Ideal for severe applications

M4DZ (E4/L4) OTR Earthmover tyres


Outstanding 3*** casing High stability at high load Excellent traction

Ecomega tyres for wheel loaders offer an enhanced and longer tread life. Thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies on the market, these tyres feature excellent wear life, even if operating on the most challenging surfaces, including muddy or wet soils. On top of that, Ecomega tyres for wheel loaders are highly durable and will allow you to perform efficiently numerous operations.

One of the best and distinctive features of Ecomega tyres for wheel loaders is their high resistance to impacts and cuts. Thanks to the recently reinforced and improved tread design, maximum resistance to accidental damages is guaranteed at any time, even while working in the most challenging environments.

Ecomega tyres for wheel loaders will allow you to perform your loading operations in the best and most efficient way possible. Thanks to their increased productivity, these tyres guarantee lower maintenance and repair costs over time.

Excellent stability, even on the most difficult surfaces, is another great feature of Ecomega tyres for wheel loaders. Maximum adhesion is guaranteed at anytime and anywhere.

Ecomega tyres for wheel loaders is your safest choice if you are looking for a reliable, durable and stable set of tyres for wheel loaders. Thanks to many years of experience and research, Ecomega offers the best products on the market for the most exceptional performance.

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