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Thanks to the most advanced technologies, Ecomega has designed a special range of tyres for graders, operating even in the most difficult conditions. Ecomega tyres for construction purposes feature everything you may be looking for in your grader tyres: Efficiency and exceptional tractionin the first place. Since graders operate on different types of terrain, Ecomega has created numerous types of tyres for your construction machine, in order to meet all of your different needs.

One of the key features of Ecomega grader tyres is their exceptional traction. Whether you operate in moderate or most difficult conditions, Ecomega has designed a new set of tyres that deliver exceptional traction performance. Aggressive tread patterns guarantee high tractive capability, even on very uneven or muddy soils.

Premium tyres for Graders

GRADER(G2) Construction tyres


Excellent traction
High resistance and durability
Self-cleaning tread pattern

GRADER TG2 (OEM) Construction tyres


High stability and traction
Excellent protection
Maximum durability

M3HA (E3) OTR Earthmover tyres


Ideal for Loader applications Low vibrations pattern Excellent traction on all grounds

M3HA (E3) OTR Earthmover tyres


Ideal for Loader applications Low vibrations pattern Excellent traction on all grounds

Ecomega grader tyres also feature a superior lateral adhesion, even on the most difficult soils.  Sidewalls design has also been recently improved in order to offer maximum protection against any potential damage or abrasion over time. Enhanced reinforcements and protection are guaranteed.

Another distinctive characteristics of Ecomega grader tyres is the improved stability throughout all operations and whilst travelling, thanks to their wider treads.

For graders operating in the most difficult conditions, Ecomega has also designed tyres that guarantee a higher comfort during operations, thanks to the special treads that come into contact with the ground progressively. Improved tread patterns also ensure reduced vibrations of the tyre, for more comfort for the operator and for the machine.

Ecomega grader tyres are specifically engineered to improve your productivity in a variety of conditions. New tread patterns also provide excellent snow traction in the toughest winter conditions.

Available in multiple sizes, Ecomega grader tyres are a result of many years of research and use of the most advanced modern technologies. The final goal is to offer the best product that features exceptional performance and long-term improved wear life, in a variety of working conditions.

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