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Ecomega’s experts have worked for years to offer you the best tyres for industrial applications, including forklift tyres. Lifting and moving materials on short or even longer distances has never been easier and safer thanks to the latest technological developments guaranteed by Ecomega. Best technologies and innovation have merged in order to create a wide range of special tyres for forklifts.

Ecomega forklift tyres are specifically built to meet all of your needs, starting from the average load and the working conditions of the forklift. Ecomega forklift tyres are designed to meet even the most demanding operations, including difficult surfaces and heavier loads.

One of the main features of forklift tyres is the improved productivity in the long term. Robust crown and reinforced sidewalls guarantee maximum stability at any time. Improved tread blocks also provide exceptional resistance to any damage, including ruptures and flats.

Premium tyres for Forklifts

STANDARD ST Industrial tyres


High level of elasticity
Special softer compound For low intensity use

PM Industrial tyres


Maximum comfort
Reduced rolling resistance Ideal for severe use

HT Industrial tyres


Large and stable footprint Optimal on abrasive grounds
Special compound

RIB (L2) Construction tyres


Large footprint
Reinforced shoulder
High puncture resistence

SM Industrial tyres


Ideal on baggage cart Special compound
Low rolling resistance

PREMIUM Industrial tyres


Maximum comfort
Long working-life
Ideal for intensive use

PREMIUM+ Industrial tyres


Maximum elasticity
Low rolling resistance
Ideal for severe use

E4 IND. (E4) Port Industrial tyres


Deep thread dept
Outstanding wear resistance
Very strong casing

E3-R (E3) Port Industrial tyres

E3 - R

Excellent damage resistance
Reinforced sidewalls
Very good driving-comfort

M-LUG (E3) Port Industrial tyres


Ideal for the most conditions
Industrial PR casing
Low heat built-up

E3 (E3) Port Industrial tyres


Excellent damage resistance Reinforced sidewalls
Very good driving-comfort

Ecomega forklift tyres are a long-lasting guarantee of maximum performance and less downtimeto the machine. Better lifetime and productivity gains come in all together with your new set of tyres for different industrial uses. Operating costs of your forklift decrease significantly thanks to your long-lasting Ecomega tyres.

Thanks to their robust construction, special tyres for forklifts also allow you to travel decent distances, even with heavier loads. Ecomega forklift tyres meet all the requirements for productivity and safety, in order to ensure smoother rides, in different operating conditions.

Operator’s comfort is also significantly improved. Superior structure of Ecomega tyres ensures maximum protection both for the machine and for the loads, even on the most uneven andirregular surfaces. Improved comfort for the operator is guaranteed. Ecomega’s latest technologies provide greater safety for the operator and the loads carried.

Thanks for fewer internal losses within the tyre, energy consumption rates are also significantly reduced.

Ecomega forklift tyres combine safety, productivity and innovation, in order to offer the best product for many industrial uses.

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