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Ecomega has designed a wide range of specialized tyres for different uses and industries. In order to meet the growing market demands, its experts has recently developed a specialized set of tyres for mobile cranes. Considering the wide use of mobile cranes for loading and transportation of different types of loads, Ecomega’s experts have dedicated several years of research and testing, in order to offer the best product on the market that would meet all of your needs. With Ecomega tyres for mobile cranes you will be in safe and reliable hands at any time.

Ecomega tyres for mobile cranes are suitable for many different types of machines, including rough-terrain, all-terrain or truck-mounted types of cranes. At Ecomega we have got you covered in any case. These specialized tyres feature exceptional performance at any time. Thanks to their special design, Ecomega tyres offer maximum stability and even load distribution throughout all of your operations.

Premium tyres for Mobile Crane

M3HS (E2) OTR Earthmover tyres


Designed for street cranes Highly resistant casing Very smooth and silent ride

Aggressive shoulders of Ecomega’s tyres for mobile cranes guarantee excellent traction on any type of soil, including sand and muddy soils. Ecomega tyres for mobile cranes also feature exceptional productivity in the long term. Engineered for strong performance, these tyres are highly resistant to any type of accidental damage, including ruptures and cuts.

Thanks to a long-lasting and even-wearing tread pattern, Ecomega tyres for mobile cranes also guarantee low operating and maintenance costs over time. These specialized tyres feature high reliability and durability, for a better performance of mobile cranes.

Ecomega’s tyres for mobile cranes also guarantee maximum comfort for the operator, both during loading and moving operations. Thanks to their new design and internal features, these tyres will help your operations running smoothly, in different weather conditions and on different types of soils.

Thanks to years of research, Ecomega’s experts have engineered a new set of tyres for mobile cranes, which feature exceptional performance, maximum durability and enhanced comfort for the operator. Suitable for different types of operations and types of soil, Ecomega’s tyres for mobile cranes are a safe and a reliable choice.

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