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Articulated Dump Trucks tyres

Ecomega tyres for articulated dump trucks are specifically built to guarantee long tyre life, excellent mobility and traction. Thanks to the best technologies and years of experience in the field, these tyres are built to offer exceptional performance and high durability at any time, in a variety of applications and weather conditions. Ecomega tyres are designed to deliver highest stability, protection against damages and exceptional comfort at any time. Efficiency, safety and comfort are the three main characteristics of Ecomega tyres for articulated dump trucks. The wide range of tyres offer excellent traction, with special compounds for operator comfort and a high-quality protection for long tyre life. Multi-block tread patterns offer good flotation, exceptional traction and adhesion on different types of terrain, including soft or muddy soils.

Premium tyres for articulated dump trucks

M3HA (E3) OTR Earthmover tyres


Ideal for Loader applications Low vibrations pattern Excellent traction on all grounds

M4AT (E4) OTR Earthmover tyres


Idea for articulated Dumpers
High driving comfort Optimal traction everywhere

M4DZ (E4/L4) OTR Earthmover tyres


Outstanding 3*** casing High stability at high load Excellent traction

Ecomega tyres for articulated dump trucks are a strong guarantee of long-lasting performanceand reliability, whatever the weather conditions. Solid shoulders offer maximum stability, even on the most difficult soils. Protective bands guarantee maximum resistance to impacts and penetrations, as well as protection against accidental damages.

Special tread compounds are included to provide excellent cushion for the operator, even on the most difficult grounds. Long-lasting and even wearing patterns ensure low operating, maintenance and repair costs.

Ecomega tyres guarantee long wear and smooth rides for the operator, in different operating conditions, even in case of continuous changes in the road surface. The exceptional performance of Ecomega tyres for articulated dump trucks guarantees less vehicle damage. Ecomega tyres ensure high durability over time and are easy to repair.

Ecomega tyres for articulated dump trucks are designed to offer enhanced stability and reduce ground pressure, even with heaviest loads. Ecomega tyres offer outstanding and improved mileage for longer and smoother rides. Highest quality tyres for articulated dump trucks ensure low rolling resistance and fuel consumption efficiency.

Years of Ecomega’s experience and the use of the best technologies guarantee the delivery of the most efficient and durable tyres for articulated dump trucks on the market. Excellent performance, comfort and safety are guaranteed in any weather condition and on any road surface.

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